General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions for use of services offered through the ECAL Talent Days platform of ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne.

Entry into force on 20/08/2020.

§1. Field of Application

1.1 The present general terms and conditions apply to all users of the services offered through the ECAL Talent Days online platform (hereinafter, ‘ETD) of ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne (hereinafter, ‘ECAL).

1.2 The user accepts the application of these terms and conditions in their entirety and without modification upon creating a user account, logging into the platform, or making use of any ETD service.

1.3 Any other general conditions for users are not applicable.

§2. Services offered by ETD


2.1. ECAL makes available a platform for notices of employment/collaboration offers and events (hereinafter, the ‘platform’), online, protected by authentication and a password, which brings into contact the 2020 ECAL graduates and employers and/or businesses and/or any other organisations.

2.2. Users of the platform register in the category corresponding to their status (2020 ECAL graduates or professionals)

Other services

2.3. The type of services offered to users can be modified unilaterally by ECAL.

2.4. The type of services offered to users can differ as a function of the category of the user.

§3. User responsibilities

3.1. Use of the platform:

3.1.1. The user undertakes to provide correct and complete information, in particular when creating a user account, connecting to the platform, and using services provided by the platform. The same applies if information is changed at a later date.

3.1.2. The user undertakes not to abuse the access rights he or she is provided. In particular, he or she undertakes not to provide access to unauthorized third parties through his or her user account, and not to disseminate to unauthorized third parties information only available to users of the platform.

3.1.3. The user undertakes not to disseminate or make available directly or indirectly (for example, using a hyperlink) on the platform information or content that risks violating legal provisions.

3.1.4. If an employment offer fails to comply with applicable ECAL rules, ECAL reserves the right to remove them from the platform or to refuse their publication at ECAL’s discretion, in particular if the content is inappropriate or discriminatory.

3.1.5. A student’s application for a position or any other format is carried out, in principle, via the platform. The professional remains solely responsible for information concerning the employment/collaboration offer; ECAL shall not be deemed responsible for its presentation. The graduate is urged to inform ECAL if there are imprecisions regarding the position offered on if its content is inappropriate or discriminatory.

3.1.6. The user is required to inform ECAL if he or she notices a defect or fault affecting his or her use of the platform.

3.1.7. Any act that causes, or might cause, a degradation of the system or the security of the network is prohibited. ECAL reserves the right to act through all legal channels against the responsible parties.

3.1.8. In the event of violation of user responsibilities, ECAL reserves the right to suspend or definitively revoke access to the platform for the user concerned at any time and without prior notice.

3.2. Services

3.2.1. Participants undertake to exhibit respectful behaviour towards organisers, professionals, and, if applicable, other participants. If behaviour is not appropriate, ECAL reserves the right to exclude participants from events and/or to suspend or revoke their access to the platform.

3.2.2. Registration for events, interviews, any other meeting formats and services is carried out, in principle, via the platform. It is considered valid upon ECAL’s sending of a confirmation email to the user.

3.2.3. Participants in a specific service shall inform ECAL in a timely fashion if they are unable to participate in the specific service concerned.

3.2.4. Participants shall be aware of copyrights applicable to documents transmitted during events offered by ECAL and undertake to respect them.

§4. Price

4.1. Services offered by the platform include paying services and free services.

4.2. Professional participants can support EXECAL, the Association of Former Students and Friends of ECAL, and benefit from other advantages.

§5. Responsibilities

5.1. ECAL shall not be deemed responsible for the behaviour of a user on the platform or in the context of an event.

5.2. Users are solely responsible for any errors or mistakes they make while using the platform. ECAL shall not be deemed responsible for errors or mistakes made by a user while using the platform.

5.3. ECAL cannot guarantee users access to every specific service, in particular when the number of participants for an event, an interview or any other format of service, is limited.

5.4. In event of cancellation or postponement of a specific event, ECAL undertakes to inform participants as soon as ECAL is informed of the cancellation or postponement of the specific service. When possible, ECAL undertakes to inform the user of the new date if one has been set.

5.5. ECAL only puts users in contact with each other, and therefore cannot be held liable for connections established between users (working relationships...) via the platform.

5.6. ECAL makes no guarantee of the precision of information mentioned on the platform. Users are solely responsible for information and omissions about themselves figuring on the platform, and for the visibility of their profile, which the user can change at any time.

5.7. ECAL only puts potential employers/collaborators in contact with graduates. ECAL makes no guarantee regarding the conclusion of an agreement for employment or service between the two. ECAL makes no guarantee about the information provided in the announcements and does not verify veracity of information in the CVs of candidates.

5.8. The ECAL does not guarantee that the system is free of viruses or harmful components.

5.9. ECAL reserves the right to refuse the creation of an account, to delete an account, or to refuse access to an account based on reasonable justification.

5.10. Users authorize ECAL to process the information they provide and to transmit it to third parties related to the services for which the user registers. They may request the removal of this information from the ECAL or ETD platform database, or its modification, at any time.

§6. Other

6.1. If one clause of the present general terms and conditions were to be deemed null and void, that shall not lead to the other clauses of the present terms and conditions being deemed null and void.

6.2. In the event of divergence between the French version and the English version, the French version shall be authoritative.

6.3. ECAL has the right to modify the present general terms and conditions at any time in unilateral fashion. Modifications are announced on the website and/or on the platform.

6.4. In the event of non-respect by a user of the law applicable to the user in his or her interactions with ECAL and/or the ETD platform or during the use of its services, ECAL can suspend or revoke the user’s account and/or his or her access to services, and if appropriate pursue all applicable legal channels.

6.5. ECAL undertakes to ensure the best possible services, but cannot guarantee that information and services will be accessible at all times. ECAL nevertheless undertakes to take the necessary measures to re-establish the system in a timely fashion in event of a fault. Reservation is made for cases of force majeure.

6.6. All use of the ECAL logo and/or ETD visuals by a user is subject to prior consent from ECAL. In all cases, the names and logos/visuals of ECAL and ETD shall not be used in a way prejudicial to the institution or to disseminate imprecise or fallacious facts.

6.6. This site is fully based on Swiss legislation regarding copyright and intellectual property. All rights of reproduction are reserved. This includes all website contents including text, illustrations, photographs and videos. All reproduction is strictly prohibited, without the express written authorisation of ECAL.

§7. Jurisdiction and applicable law

7.1. In the event of a dispute, the parties undertake to seek an amicable settlement. If no amicable settlement is reached, the case shall be brought before the ordinary courts of the Canton of Vaud, with reservation made for appeal to the Federal Supreme Court.

7.2. Swiss law is applicable.

§8. Entry into force

8.1. The present general terms and conditions shall enter into force on 20th of August 2020.